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I’m halfway through Month 7 of figure skating, but I was looking at my skating log and figured it might be enlightening (albeit a little frightening) to do a tally of the first six months, for reference’s and posterity’s sake.

I keep two notebooks in my skating bag: one is a small one that Coach A recommended I use to jot down lesson notes. It’s been really helpful, and I’m glad she suggested it – because at first I was so sure I could remember things till I got home and wrote them down (say, in this blog). But as it turns out, this memory’s pretty wimpy after all and if I didn’t write it down RIGHT after lesson, I’d find myself on the ice the next time wondering, “There was a 3-turn exercise she showed me… what was it again?”

The second notebook is one of those tiny pocket ones, and that’s for all the mathy things. Going forward from page 1, I log the hours I skate so I know when I’m due for a sharpening. Then from the last page going backwards, I log my costs. (I am nowhere near this obsessively organized in real life, but it happens that I had the idea to start these logs right at the start, so now I have a nice complete list of everything.)

GEAR: $501
Skates (Jackson Artiste): $135
Incidentals (guards, soakers, gloves): $26
Skating Safe crash pads (2 knee, 1 tailbone, 1 hip): $200 (holy moly did I really spend that much on protection? I guess my bones are worth it…)
Clothing (skating pants, practice skirt): $100
Sharpenings (2x): $30
Boot stretching: $10

LTS group lessons (1 course, 7 lessons): $99
Privates: $798

ICE TIME: $366
Punch cards and admissions: $366


Omg. Dies.

To put things in perspective, however, a lot of these costs were up-front. They don’t break down into $294 every month, for instance, which is what you get when you divide by six. Almost everything under the gear heading, minus the $30 for blade sharpenings, came in the first two months. (I vaguely recall a terrifically high credit card bill… I must have blocked that from memory.) But point being that they aren’t going to repeat.

These days I have two main expenses: Coach A’s monthly check and the new punch card I buy every couple of weeks. Otherwise, I head to the rink with no cash and generally spend little.

I know, that’s a lot of rationalizing, but we do what we must. I don’t have a gym membership, for instance, and I don’t go to yoga/art/cooking classes or have expensive foodie tastes or buy lots of clothing. It’s not SO bad, right? RIGHT?


Skating hours: 87.75
Lesson hours: 13.5 (6 group sessions, 21 private lessons)
Skill level: low freestyle
(This means: I’m working on pre-bronze and bronze moves in the field; I have a small waltz jump, decent salchow, gradually improving toe loop, and am working to get loop. Spins are weak though slowly improving; I can do 3-4 revs on an upright spin, 2 on a backspin on a good day, and barely 2 on a camel – working on it!)