Last year was kind of a big question mark for me, skating-wise, so I can’t say I had defined goals or even plans — I was just glad to resume skating again after being out with an injury, and relieved when my skills started to come back. I also went coachless for the better part of the year, and skipped competing and programs altogether, so it was only fairly recently that I started to look forward with concrete goals again.

For 2018, I would like to:

  • Compete my silver free skate at Adult Sectionals. I have no idea how I stack up against the field so my goal is purely personal: skate everything clean and get credit for every element.
  • Go to Nationals. I’ve wanted to go every year but something always came up (or I decided against it at the last minute because of the expense), but I have my eye on going this year. Fingers crossed I can manage the scheduling!
  • Practice the axel. I’m not aiming to land the axel, but I know that there’s zero shot of that ever happening if I don’t even attempt to practice it! I have padding and guards and I feel like I’m ready to move on from prep drills, but I have a hard time mustering the courage to actually practice it.
  • That said, I also need to be careful about axel practice, because I was recently attempting them and tweaked something in my bad hip (that I had surgery on). It’s hopefully a minor thing, but it scared me into remembering that I’d rather skate forever without an axel than to reinjure myself, require more surgery, and have to quit skating! I haven’t figured out where the line between challenging myself and being protective/careful is, because I’m not ready to give up on axel hopes yet. But I will if it comes to it.
  • Test Intermediate moves in the field. I’m not in a rush to pass tests, but Intermediate has several overlaps with Gold, which I passed, so only 3 new moves to learn. I think getting this sometime this year is a reasonable aim.
  • Double twizzles in all directions, triple twizzles on the easier ones. I’m getting more comfortable with the forward (1-and-a-half) twizzles on the Intermediate test, but my coach challenged me to try for triple twizzles, because “Once you’ve done triples, the test will be a breeze.”
  • Get 3 revolutions in a flying back camel spin. I’m making good progress on the back camel, but currently I’m at the 1-revolution-and-fall-out phase of the flying version.
  • Level up the spins. My coach was going over all the spin possibilities for my Silver program, and it’s kind of mind-boggling all the combinations and variations that give you levels. I feel like a Level 1 would be within reach; Level 2 is a stretch goal.