My first day on the ice was February 13, 2012. I don’t know why it took me till the ripe ol’ age of 32 to consider taking up figure skating, a sport I’d always loved to watch, but which I’d never considered could be something I could do. Then as I was surfing the internet, I stumbled across adult figure skater sites and blogs, and it clicked for me: Anybody can do anything, at any time.

So I took myself to the rink and started skating. And found that while it was hard, it wasn’t impossible. And that every time I got figured out how to do something (say, like not falling, or managing to move forward), I felt a little thrill and wanted to learn more. Soon I’d signed up for lessons, and was hooked on the sport.

They say figure skaters are obsessed with tracking their progress, and I’m no different in that respect. I’m taking up this blog mostly as a journal for myself to mark my progress, but if it proves to be useful or interesting to anybody else, I’m happy to be of service!

Milestones so far:

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m curious as to how old this entry is. I’m 30, just started classes myself after a few years, yet less than 100 hours, of self-taught bad habits. I’d like to speak off post about your experiences. Contact information should be below, though I’m opting for emailed updates.

  2. Hi there! Im Terra from Singapore.

    Chanced upon your website while i was searching for ice skaters who happens to be blogging about their Ice Skating Learning Journey.

    I just started learning Ice Skating in June, where I first took up my Basic 1 lessons. I am taking a slight break before i take the next level in August, hopefully. Meanwhile, I have been practising once a week. Although it is not a lot, but when I’m on ice, i feel so happy 🙂

    Nice to be reading your blog, i will be following 🙂

  3. I found your blog today when I considered starting a skating blog myself. I am 41 years old and have decided to return to skating after a 30 year absence (I skated from age 3-11). Thanks for posting. I enjoyed reading this and think I should blog my progress, as well 🙂

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