I’ve started working with a new coach, finally! After floating around on my own for a while, basically since my surgery last summer, I started looking earnestly into finding a coach with my eye on getting a new program and competing at Sectionals/Nationals next year. I’ve been working with my new coach about a month, and after discussing my goals and looking at where I am, we decided to shoot for Silver FS, which means putting together a new program and also testing. It suddenly feels like I went from relaxed to strapped for time, with all that’s required to get ready for the season!

The last time I competed was at Sectionals in 2016, about a year and a half ago, and my then-coach had suggested afterward that I stay at Bronze for the next season. I figured she knew better than I did and agreed with her opinion, but then I got injured and had to sit out the next season anyway. When I resumed skating, I focused a lot on edges and moves and feel like my overall skating improved a fair amount, but I wasn’t sure what my new coach would think. I put the question to her and after we went through my jump and spin repertoire, she thought I was ready to try for Silver, so we got right to working on a new program.

If I want to compete at Sectionals in March, I’ll have to pass my Silver FS test by January at the latest. It’s already nearly November, so this doesn’t give me a whole lot of time! It seems possible, but will require a lot of work, so I’m getting into my training mindset to learn things as quickly as possible.

Goals for Silver Freeskate are:

  • Increased flow overall and speed throughout. (I was happy with my Bronze FS at Sectionals, but did see how it lacked flow and speed.)
  • A diverse collection of transitions other than 3-turns and crossovers. Would like to throw in some harder turns like rockers/counters and twizzles.
  • Performance quality! I don’t think I’ve been able to *perform* my programs in the past because I was so fixated on hitting the elements, but I’d really love to actually interpret music and engage with the program this time around.
  • Jump layout will probably be: Lutz, flip, loop, likely a flip combo, and then another combo of some sort (Lutz?)
  • We’re still figuring out what spins will work best. Which is to say, nothing stands out right now as particularly strong, so we’ll try a bunch of spins and see what is working. Possibilities are camel-sit-back sit, back camel-back sit, or sit spin with a couple variations in position.