I’m terrible at seeing through goals — not because I give up on them, but because I tend to plain forget about them! — but in the name of fresh starts and new years, here goes.

  • Testing: Pass either my silver freeskate OR my gold moves. I’d love to do both, of course, but that may be overly ambitious, so I’d like to focus on one for now. I’m leaning toward the silver free, but it depends on how soon I can be back to pre-surgery form.
  • Competition: I really, really wanted to compete in Sectionals this spring, because it’s in my neck of the woods and very likely will move out of town next year. But there doesn’t seem to be enough time to get a new program ready by March (or even Adult Nationals in April), so I’ve set my sights on the adult international competition in Vancouver. It’s technically an international trip, but since I’m on the West Coast, this may be an easier trip than making it to Nationals on the East Coast, and it would give me through summer to get back in shape.
  • Get all my single jumps back. I’ve started jumping recently and can land some, but they’re very dinky and awkward, so I’d like to get these back to where they were last year (and better, of course). I’m not sure about resuming work on the axel; I’d love to do it, but I’m still not sure how strong my hip is.
  • Spins: Get them all back, of course. Also, get layback consistent with better free leg position and back arch. Get more than 2 revs in my back camel. Work on flying camel.
  • Incorporate new footwork into my programs, such as split jump, hydroblade, (at least a double) twizzle.
  • Flexibility: I’ve lost a ton of flexibility all over, and some of it may never come back (sniffle at my dreams of a beautiful outside spreadeagle or my ultimate dreams of an Ina Bauer into an axel). But I’m sure some can be worked on gradually, and I want to at least get back mohawks and inside spreadeagles, maybe some baby Ina Bauers, and spirals.
  • Get into overall shape (to where I can do 2 run-throughs back to back), lose 15 pounds and regain the muscles that disappeared.