Testing in a few days!! Gulp!

On one hand, I feel pretty ready — I’ve been working on the patterns for Silver moves in the field for two years now, albeit off and on since my skating schedule has been irregular the past year. On the other hand, Silver moves are a big jump up from Bronze moves, and I know the standards only get increasingly stricter.

As usual I’ve been watching as many Youtube videos as I can find for Adult Silver tests, just to get acquainted with passing expectations, but I know we can never predict a judge’s expectations entirely. I wish I still had a camera so I could see what I look like on the whole pattern, but I’ll have to put that on the Christmas shopping list.

My coach recommended working with a moves coach to get things test-ready, so I’ve taken extra lessons in the past month. I would love to work with Moves Coach regularly, but I’m aware that it would bump up my skating budget considerably, and moreover, there’s also the time factor. Every time I’m skating, I love that I’m skating and want to spend all of my free time skating more… and then I come home and realize how much time it took out of my day and feel the wrench of having to give up practice time for other obligations. So I’m considering doing biweekly or even monthly moves lessons going forward, but haven’t decided yet what works best.

Moves Coach thinks I’m in good shape for the test, and all of his tweaks have been minor enough that I feel I can handle them without risking messing up everything. (He was very conscious of not making drastic changes when I’m so close to the test date.) That said, I’m still worried about test nerves mucking me up — new skating club, new rink, new judges — and the only thing I can do about that is to get SO comfortable with everything that even with a mistake, I’d still be passable. That’s a tall order, but mentally I can handle “work harder, get better” much better than “pray I don’t mess up on test day.” For a Type A personality like me, it’s all about doing what’s within my control! That and deep breaths! Deep breaths and deep knees.