I really want to go to Adult Nationals next year, even though it’s nowhere near me, will require taking time off work, and is likely to be very expensive. I had intended to try to go this year since I had passed my Bronze free test the summer before, but then I moved states and was too swamped to skate much, much less go to an out-of-state competition.

There are about 5 and a half months till Nationals next year, and 4 months till Sectionals, which means my coach and I want to start running free programs and putting together a dramatic skate program. I’m keeping my bronze freeskate program because I love it and haven’t competed with it yet, and since I still haven’t tested Silver moves (I’m hoping to pass when I test it next month!), I’d be competing at Bronze level. I’ve seen the videos on icenetwork and Bronze is a pretty competitive category, and super-crowded!

I had figured doing a free skate and a dramatic skate would keep me plenty busy, and hadn’t really thought of doing a light entertainment on top of that. But now I’m starting to consider it, though I’m waffling on whether I want to take on the extra work. On one hand, it feels more worth the expense of going to Nationals to do more programs, but on the other hand, doing three programs at my first Nationals might be overwhelming. Plus, I’d like to do a lot of watching, and I suspect I’ll be too nervous about my programs to enjoy the spectating until I’m done.

Anybody have thoughts on how packed the events are at Nationals? And do people tend to stay the full 4 days? It’s such a commitment, time and money-wise, but also sounds like such an inspiration and I’d hate to miss out on it (again)!