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Now for jump videos. I recorded all of my single jumps on video, but I cut out the waltz through loop because honestly, they look the same as they did last time. Meh. I think I have a tendency to skip working on waltz through loop because I feel like I already “got” them, but really I should devote some time because they could be better, higher, faster. Right now they’re still kind of dinky.

I tend to spend more time on the flip and lutz because there’s more to work on, so there’s probably also more satisfaction in slowly getting them in better shape. Here’s my flip and lutz a couple weeks ago:

My coach has been trying to get me to cross my foot in the air and jump higher on these, which still stumps me regularly. We can see that I’m not lifting my left foot fast enough after I pick in, and in slow-motion it’s very obvious that I’m practically jumping off both feet. The tracings show that too. And because I’m jumping off both feet, it affects how I rotate in the air, and I’m not getting the nice lift in my jump. The flip is a little better than the lutz, because I can sometimes cross my foot on the flip, but almost never on the lutz, yet.

I’m pretty sure it’s a fear issue for me. I’m not scared of jumping, exactly, but when I’m backward and about to pick, I often feel a split-second hesitation and by the time I push past it, I’ve missed the timing. But when I try to do it faster, I end up rushing the entry.

They are improving slowly, though, and a couple lessons later I think I see a teeny bit of progress:

The foot’s still not crossed, but once in a while I can get myself to try it. I feel like there’s not enough time to cross the foot and also land, although my coach assures me I have plenty of time. I guess it’s natural to want to get back down to safety as soon as possible, though!