I passed my bronze freestyle test, yay!

To be honest I had mixed feelings after I’d tested, because while I hit all my elements, I knew I didn’t skate as well as I wanted to. The last time when I failed my bronze test, I had skated closer to my potential so I felt really good about that test, even though overall I do think the second attempt was a stronger skate. But because I felt like I didn’t skate as close to my abilities, I was disappointed with it.

The elements themselves weren’t my source of disappointment — I managed those without getting asked to reskate anything. It’s more the flow and transitions that really faltered — I wasn’t especially nervous (or so I thought), but I could hear myself scraping something terrible and I had little flow throughout. I had done this program so many times in practice (not the same, I know!) and steps that never bothered me were suddenly stiff and jerky. I did feel additional pressure because I’d failed the first time, so that must have gotten to me at the last minute.

A lot about the test went by in a blur, but I know that I landed my jumps fine. My coach and I worked on presenting the landings better, so that even if I wasn’t going to suddenly get amazing height and speed, hitting a strong landing pose and holding the edge would improve the overall impression, and I think that helped a lot. I managed a nice solid backspin, which was such a relief, and while the sit spin wasn’t as low as I usually get in practice, it was better than the first test. I was bummed about not feeling like I *performed* the program, though — it just was.

In any case, the judges’ comments:

Passing average: 2.5
Passing total: 5.0

Judge 1
Technical merit: 2.5
Presentation: 2.5.
Total: 5.0
(Literally had no comments. Blank page, just the scores.)

Judge 2
Technical merit: 2.5
Presentation: 2.5. Put more power into your program. Push harder – more flow
Total: 5.0

Judge 3
Technical merit: 2.5. Work on having a little more speed into your jumps
Presentation: 2.5. Some nice tango connecting moves.

It’s too bad I couldn’t have passed feeling awesome about what I put out there, but at the end of the day I’m relieved to have it over. Working on the test took some time away from my new program, and at this point I don’t want to spend any more time on the test when I have new things to be working on. I’ll take the pass!