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I’ve got a bit of a backlog of videos to get through, so here are a couple of videos from last month — now that the crowds have thinned during (most) public skate sessions, I’ve been trying to get back into the video habit. But I’ve been taking them and not watching them, which defeats the purpose! So my goal is to get better about taking (and reviewing) videos.

On the flipside, I do find that concentrating too much on getting good video (in an open spot! In frame! With nobody cutting in and out! With decent light! etc) can be distracting, so I try not to do it too much. I’ll bring it out for maybe ten minutes in a session, once a week or so, although often I forget.

This winter and spring, I’ve mostly been working on improving my skills rather than learning new ones. I wouldn’t say I’m stuck because I can generally feel improvement from month to month, but I’m not progressing so fast that I’m on to new skills yet. So for jumps, I’m working on getting my waltz higher, my salchow less swingy (jump out, not around!), my toe loop crossed properly so I’m not toe waltzing, my loop bigger, my flip more consistent, and my lutz into existence.

I can land my loops mostly at will now (okay, sometimes I still pop them), but most of the time they’re puny. I know I have had the occasional really nice big one because it FEELS great, but I haven’t been able to replicate those at will. That’s my goal, to get some air.

I’m getting flips landed more, but as you can see, there are a few glaring issues to take care of. First, I’m nowhere close to crossing my free leg — it’s always beside my ankle, and aside from looking ungainly, I know crossing my free leg will get me rotated faster, and therefore I’ll have more time to land the jump. That’ll help lessen the underrotations. And also, my picking foot doesn’t draw back far enough — I extend nice and outward, but then when I actually pick, it hits the ice right next to my other skate. That’ll have to be worked on.

I feel more progress with spins, but maybe it’s because I practice them more. I know, I should just practice my jumps more, especially since I do like jumping. I just like spinning more. My sit spin is getting lower (yay for that!) and my backspin, while still very travel-y and sometimes off-balance, is getting more stable. That back sit spin in the video is actually the best one I’ve ever done, and I’ve never been able to do it again, so I guess I’m glad I happened to get video proof of the one time I sort of managed more than one revolution on it!

There’s a move I called traveling 3’s in the video, but I don’t really know what they are, and my coach didn’t have a specific name for them either. They’re supposed to be RFI and LFI three-turns, but with the free leg out and held in place instead of staying in the checked position if you were to just do consecutive inside threes. And they’re not quite twizzles, although I suppose they’re similar. In any case, I really really want to get twizzles and backward threes, so I’m doing various exercises to work on them.