Passed my Bronze Moves test!

I wasn’t necessarily worried that I wouldn’t pass, but I was worried I wouldn’t do well, if that makes sense. By which I mean, I was pretty sure that I could manage a pass even if I was hit by nerves (as I was for my Pre-Bronze Moves test), but for this test I had goals other than merely passing. I wanted to pass with a bit of a margin over the passing standard (which is 2.5 for each element), and I wanted to demonstrate a little power rather than getting overly cautious and just going through the moves.

I wasn’t as strong as I wanted to be, but on the other hand, I think I pulled off the test pretty well, so I’m happy with it. My coach told me beforehand that she was actually a little worried that the coaches would think I was a former child skater because she says “you skate like a kid” (in a good way), and therefore they might hold me to a higher standard. I considered that a super compliment, although her worry was that I skate higher than adult standard, but slow for kid standard.

I was hit with a small bout of nerves during my test — halfway through the first element I could feel my knees getting jelly-fied and my power threes were a little wild here and there — but it was much less nerve-racking than my Pre-Bronze test! I was more nervous at my first competition, but less so at the second competition. So I hope that this means I’m getting more used to the process and less jittery about things out of my control.

So here’s how it went. It’s interesting to see how the judges stack up against each other. Judge 1 was a man of few words, as you can see, while the other two had more comments. Judge 2 gave me higher marks in general, but Judge 3 really, really liked my Circle 8! As I mentioned, 2.5 is the passing standard for the element, and the passing total is 12.5.

Forward & Backward Perimeter Power Stroking:
Judge 1: Acceptable. [2.5]
Judge 2: Sustained flow throughout [2.6]
Judge 3: Very careful, and controlled. Blade forward on ice (?) flow. [2.5]

Forward Power Three-Turns:
Judge 1: Acceptable. [2.5]
Judge 2: Skater maintained (nice?) flow. 1st side stronger. [2.5]
Judge 3: Good turn placement. Continuous flow but forward on blade. [2.5]

Alternating Back Crossovers to Back Outside Edges:
Judge 1: Good. [2.6]
Judge 2: Continuous flow, nice extension [2.6]
Judge 3: Very accurate edges. Good extension. [2.5]

Forward Circle 8:
Judge 1: Acceptable. [2.5]
Judge 2: Steady edges – good execution of circle 8 [2.6]
Judge 3: Excellent edge quality + control. Traced circles! [2.8]

Five-step Mohawk Sequence:
Judge 1: Cadence off. [2.5]
Judge 2: Nice execution of element [2.6]
Judge 3: Very accurate edges, flow [2.5]

Total Score:
Judge 1: 12.6. Pass.
Judge 2: 12.9. Pass. (Nice test!)
Judge 3: 12.8. Pass.

Now to work on Bronze Freestyle and Silver Moves!