…or new trick, singular, but that sounds wrong.

I’ve been skating regularly, but otherwise been so busy I haven’t had time to blog. I have all these video clips from practices sitting around from the last month or two, and I’ve barely even taken a look. So it’ll be a quickie this time, while I sort through the (virtual) stacks.

Coach just started me on the catch-foot camel. I thought it would be terrifying and terrible, because my camel itself is still not great (my tracings show that I’m just 3-turning, not spinning) and the back camel is not worth speaking of. But surprisingly enough I really like the catch-foot camel; I’ve only been practicing it about a week so obviously it’s very rough, but I can feel it coming along. I think the position may even help correct some of my balance issues in the regular camel, because it centers the spin — if I stayed outstretched, I would fall off the edge and travel a lot more. Curious, how things work like that.

Anyway, this is my new toy.