Well, here it is! The video quality is grainy because it was taken on a phone, but I did buy the professional DVD to get a better version. I almost decided not to post this and wait for the better version, but I figured I may as well post what I have right now, even if it’s tiny.

I can barely watch the video (I’m watching with one eye closed and through my fingers) because I know I can do better and I see where I messed up. I felt pretty slow on the ice but my legs were shaky so I probably couldn’t have handled much more speed. I feel okay about my jumps, but my spins! Ack! That sit spin is barely even a crouch and I fell out of the combo at the end. Also, I tilted out of my ending pose so I barely hit the position before I had to step out of it. Ha.

I continue to feel that the half loop is a weird, weird jump and don’t like the way it looks in that sequence. I’m sort of hopping it to begin with, but even when it IS done well it looks awkward. The only thing I can do is work on getting each jump in the sequence higher and more secure, to clean it up a little.

Coach A and I haven’t talked yet about testing Bronze freestyle (we’re going to work on the Bronze moves test next), but I’m assuming we’ll tweak this program to fulfill the test requirements. (Maybe swapping out the waltz-half loop sequence for a waltz-toe, and backspin instead of camel combo.) It’ll be simpler, but I think it’ll give me a chance to polish it up to be higher quality all around.