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My one-year skating anniversary came and went a couple weeks ago and I’ve had this draft hanging out uncompleted for a bit longer than that, but I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it. Since it IS the first year, though, I figure it still deserves its post.

Here’s a rough outline of my first year of skating:

  • February 12, 2012: First day on the ice. I felt shaky and my feet hurt, but I was determined to stick with it and improve. Bought skates and went to the rink faithfully for the rest of the month during public sessions, just figuring out how to stroke, swizzle, and one-foot glide.
  • March 2012. Started taking group Learn To Skate class at about the same time that I started with my first private lesson. I intended to start with LTS and then transition to private, but got impatient waiting for classes to start. Worked on crossovers, 3-turns, mohawks, edges, and beginning waltz jumps.
  • April 2012. Got comfortable with waltz, started learning salchow and toe loop.
  • May 2012. LTS ended with me at Adult 3-4 level, though I decided not to continue with group lessons.
  • June 2012. Landed salchow. Now to stop toe-waltzing.
  • July 2012. Started working on loop. Upright spins starting to come together, sit spins suck, started camel spin.
  • August 2012. Began learning backspin, though averaging zero revolutions. Loop still terrifying, learned flip and lutz entries (not jumping yet). 5-step and 8-step mohawk patterns, bronze stroking patterns, more basic spin work (spins suck).
  • September 2012. Worked on turning 1-foot upright into scratch spin, lots of focused practices on dratted loop, worked on flip and lutz. No big breakthroughs, just lots of practice.
  • October 2012. Landed first loop! (Sadly it did not stay consistent, and remained hit or miss for a long time afterward.) Started videoing (some) practices, which was eye-opening.
  • November 2012. A busy month! Joined skating club, decided (at Coach A’s prodding) to skate in holiday show, which left 6-7 weeks to get a program together. Worked almost exclusively on program, and started doubling lesson time. Also bought new skates, more for the blades than for the boots. Coronation Aces immediately improved spins and took them from drudgery to being fun to practice. Lots and lots of skating this month. Started skating on freestyle sessions for the first time. Bought very first skating costume.
  • December 2012. With program getting more comfortable, resumed working on other skills during lessons – flip, loop, lutz, twizzles, attitude spin. First time in jump harness. Performed in holiday show, to my terror and relief.
  • January 2013. Program and holidays over, back to normal lessons. Lots of loop and flip practice, with a few more tries in the harness. Loop is landed most of the time now, but legs won’t cross properly. Backward 3-turns, bronze moves patterns. Improved scratch and sit spins, fussy camel. Getting 1-2 revs on backspin.
  • February 2013. Turned attention to Pre-bronze Moves test, which is in March. Polished elements, got comfortable with test patterns. Picked music for second program. Landed flip!