Till now, I’ve been so busy working on my basic 3-turns that I haven’t even had time to worry about any of the other more advanced turns. In fact, I didn’t even really understand what they were — I’d heard of brackets and rockers and counters, but couldn’t tell you what they were or even recognize them in action.

This week after lesson time I was talking with a couple of the other skaters out there, and at my rink the adults tend to be a friendly and chatty bunch who are always ready to give tips if they’ve got them. This works for me, since they’re all more advanced and have amassed a lot more tips in their skating careers than I have.

So the topic of those other turns came up, and they demonstrated all the many, many variations — left, right, inside, and outside for each one. It was A LOT to take in, and I’m pretty sure I’d still get tripped up recognizing the difference between a rocker and a counter.

I did, however, get started learning brackets, which turned out to be a lot less terrifying than I’d always assumed brackets would be. They’re tricky, yes, but I also can feel how you’re supposed to do them and I understand the proper edge and check required. I can’t DO them yet, but they make sense to me, and I can (literally) scrape out a bracket now if you give me long, long moments beforehand to remember which way to turn. Half the time I choose the wrong edge and do a really poor 3-turn instead, and the other half of the time I pick the right edge but fall the wrong way into a rocker instead. Or is it a counter? Ack! Okay, and about 5 percent of the time I manage a real bracket, which I know doesn’t add up to 100. Math was never my strong suit.

Also, I got video of my back 3’s, which I probably should have posted with my last post since it was all about them. But you can’t always guess which days’ll be the most conducive to getting video at the rink, can you?