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Just some clips from recent practices. I don’t usually tape moves in the field but I really should. I get conscious of leaving the camera on for long stretches of time and going through playback of lots of moves patterns can get tedious. But I do find them helpful.

Some moves and spins:

  • Other moves and patterns I’m currently working on, which aren’t filmed: Waltz 8, alternating 3’s, bronze MITF power 3’s, 5-step mohawk.
  • Backward cross strokes are hard, and right now I’m mostly doing step-behinds since there’s no flow. On the bright side, I’m no longer scared of practicing them.
  • Power pulls were something of a mystery to me when I first started working on them, and these are a skill that haven’t had that light-bulb ‘aha’ moment. They just gradually, slowly improve, a little at a time. My right leg is the stronger skating leg in almost every skill, but for some really strange reason the left leg is better at backwards power pulls (not the forward). Who knew?
  • Video makes it very apparent that all my spins fall too much on the inside (which I already knew by feel, but it’s really clear in playback). The upright spins are practically tilted all the time, which I think would be amusing if they weren’t so frustrating. I need to get over the skating hip more and lift the right hip, which tends to fall. I keep forgetting to pull up while I’m in the spin.
  • Sit spin! Obviously needs work, but this week I did have that light bulb moment with sit spins. I don’t even know what happened since it wasn’t a conscious realization, but one day I was just able to stay in the spin for longer than a revolution. Prior to this I hadn’t been able to stay spinning long enough to even worry about getting lower. Now that I can spin longer, getting lower will be the goal. And also staying over the left skate, because when I tilt to the right on this spin I fall on my butt.

    • Waltz. I don’t think you can really tell, but I’ve been working to get them faster and higher. They actually FEEL higher now… but they don’t look it. Ha. I’m also working on holding the landing position better; I have a tendency to let the left side whip around too much instead of checking.
    • Salchow. Bleh. I am not happy with these, and I can SEE what’s wrong with them, but I haven’t been able to fix it yet. I’m trying to scoop up rather than swing around, which looks ugly and spinny. Trying trying trying.
    • Toe loop. These actually look better than they feel. I’m trying to figure out how to get more height on this without killing myself.
    • Loop. Still small, but gradually getting more rotated. Coach has me working to get the leg wrap better in the air. I think I need more air to do that properly.
    • Flip. I’m not landing flips yet, so these are still in exercise-preparation mode, which means I’m not doing doing the exercises expecting to land. Coach showed me an exercise from a standstill where I pick in, draw the left leg to the right ankle, and then jump around trying to get the full rotation. It was a crucial exercise for me because before she had me doing that, I was just terrified of trying the flip outright. This is something of an in-between exercise and it’s building my confidence for the full jump. (I need a lot of time to build confidence before I can try new jumps, I’m finding.) Right now I’m two-footing the landing, as you see. I’m somewhat amazed that I haven’t gotten my legs all tangled up yet. But I suppose there’s time for that yet .