Cold’s gone, so I’m back on the ice. As expected, on my first day back my legs felt pretty wobbly for a good part of an hour. It’s not like they’d suddenly forgotten how to skate in a week and a half, but I definitely felt shaky. I told myself to consider it a practice run for a test, since I hear that testing nerves will do that do your legs.

These days my practices are pretty much the same: I warm up with Pre-Bronze and Bronze moves (stroking, edges, and crossovers according to the test patterns), then do my best to make headway with spins and then struggle with that durned loop.

Spin-wise, my upright is getting slowly better though it’s still kinda rough. I’m working on crossing the leg for the scratch spin now. For the camel, I’m entering from back crossovers and trying to stay in it for more than one revolution. Which is hard. I tend to get too much on the inside edge and I fall out of the spin.

Sit spin is a challenge, and I’m trying to get lower. I know I can get into the proper sit position because Coach A has me doing shoot the ducks (backwards and forwards) with my free leg turned out in sit spin position. My muscles are still weak so I can’t stay there long, but I know I can hit the position. But in the spin I can barely get down before losing my balance.

Salchow is my most consistent jump right now, which is funny since it was way, way harder for me to learn than waltz or toe loop. The waltz needs to be higher and I think I have residual fear of the toe loop after taking a couple bad spills on it. But I can usually land it.

Loop… is still hard. I’m very slowly getting more rotation on it, but it’s far from rotated. I’m doing it from both the RFI3 and the backward crossover entry, and right now I like crossovers better. I have more control going into it, and I get around in the air just a tad more than the 3-turn entry.

Backspin is not happening, but still I plug away at it, trying to get anything above 1 rotation. I always, always fall out of it when doing it with my leg in the h position.