Had an extra lesson this week, because Coach A had a spot free on a day I usually practice. I was happy to take it, because lesson time sure flies by fast. Every week when we start, Coach A lists all the stuff we can work on, and we only ever get through about half the list.

She taught me the 8 step mohawk, which I can see being a fun pattern to practice once I figure out how not to kill myself on the step behind. Ha. I remember Coach A showing me how to do step behinds months ago and it freaking the living daylights out of me, but to my pleasant surprise it’s not quite as frightening now. Still hard, but not terrifying. The problem is checking out of the mohawk. It’s also why I’m having such trouble doing mohawks down the line in succession — I keep curving into the circle on the exit edge, and I need to check immediately to stop the momentum.

Then flip jump. I’ve been doing the half-flip so far, and Coach A wants me to move on to the full jump now. I find the half jumps really awkward so I am not sad to leave them behind, especially since I don’t want that to stick in my muscle memory and impede learning of the full jump.

We did the flips on the wall, and even with the help of the barrier I was only able to two-foot the landing. It’s going to take more strength and spring to make this jump happen, I could tell right away. On the upside, I think I see why I’m having trouble gaining more height and power in my other jumps, because the flip is the first time where I feel like I really have to commit to the take-off if I don’t want to die on the landing. With waltz, salchow, and toe loop I can easily walk through the motions without going full-out into the jump, which probably means I’m half-assing them a lot. With the flip, if I don’t concentrate and pick in strongly, I’m just not going to make it around. So that’s something to remember.