Coach cancelled lesson this week, which was actually something of a relief because I’d had a busy week, going out of town for a few days, and hadn’t been able to skate since the previous lesson. Eep! It’s not like the lesson wouldn’t have been worth it because there’s always something to learn, but I feel like not practicing means I haven’t done the work to merit a new lesson. I feel like if my lack of work means I prevent myself from learning, the session loses its effectiveness; lessons are wasted as practice sessions.

Usually I skate twice a week at minimum, and often a third day if I can squeeze it in, for about an hour and a half. I skate on mostly uncrowded publics, although now that it’s summer I notice a definite increase in attendance. And that doesn’t even count the occasional (maybe once a week) session that brings hordes of young’uns, usually part of some organized school outing.

Now that I feel comfortable enough to practice in the center of the rink, I’m not too bothered by the crowds, although they definitely put a limit on what can be practiced safely. Like camels, which I’m not nearly good enough to control, and they’re not nearly experienced enough to know what I’m trying to accomplish and get waaaay too close. But it’s nothing like how it was months ago, in the post-group-class public sessions where I was too beginner to venture into the middle of the ice with the higher-level skaters, but unable to do any real practicing out on the “track” where everyone else was.

But, as everyone’s says (especially these days), these summer sessions keep the rink operating for the rest of the year when it’s just me and the zamboni dude hanging around…